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Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: How They Heal

Having healthy cells is not a passive process. Active, regular tuning-up of our cells is feasible, and also necessary to slow aging and reduce the risk of cell dysfunction.

PEMFs work to:

  • Reduce pain, inflammation, the effects of stress on the body.
  • Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol        levels, the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells. Balance the immune system and stimulate RNA and DNA.
  • Accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue.
  • Relax muscles.

PEMFs have been used extensively for decades for many conditions. The National Institutes of Health have made PEMFs a priority for research. PEMF devices have been approved by the FDA to fuse broken bones, wound healing, pain and tissue swelling, and treat depression. Therapeutic PEMF devices are considered safe with no know side effects.

What are PEMFs and how do they work?

Science teaches us that everything is energy. Energy is always dynamic and, therefore, has a frequency; it changes by the second or minute, for example, at the very least. All energy is electromagnetic in nature. All atoms, chemicals and cells produce electromagnetic fields.

(EMFs). Every organ in the body produces it own signature bioelectromagnetic field. Science has proven that our bodies actually project their own magnetic fields and that all 70 trillion cells in the body communicate via electromagnetic frequencies. Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. When the electromagnetic activity of the body ceases, life ceases.

Electromagnetic energy, controls your bodies chemistry. This in turn controls tissue and organ function. Disruption of electromagnetic energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism, whatever the initial cause. PEMFs address impaired chemistry and thus the function of cells — which in turn, improves health. PEMFs deliver beneficial, health-enhancing frequencies to the cells. Low frequency PEMFs of even the weakest strengths pass right through the body, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ and even bone without being absorbed or altered! As they pass through, they stimulate most of the electrical and chemical processes in the tissues. Therapeutic PEMFs are specifically designed to positively support cellular energy, resulting in better cellular health and function.

No "one-size" treatment fits all situations but PEMFs are ideal devices to be able get good results without needing a myriad of different treatments.

Our PEMF 4000 is the state of the art in this new technology. PEMFs may only be needed for short periods of time, while the effects last for many hours or days, setting in motion cellular and whole-body changes to restore and maintain balance in metabolism and health. The body does not acclimate, or "get used to," the healthy energy signals of therapeutic PEMF as with some other less effective and up to date therapies.

Treatments are safe, painless and non-invasive!


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